Prof. dr hab. Joanna Wojdon

Prof. dr hab. Joanna Wojdon

  • Professor of history

Professor of history. Scholarship holder of the Kościuszko Foundation and the Fulbright Foundation. She conducted research, among others: in Leuven, Jerusalem, Cambridge, Palo Alto, Minneapolis, New Britain, Bristol, Brunswick. Vice-chairman of the Committee for Migration Research and member of the Committee for Historical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the PAU Commission for the Study of the Polish Diaspora and the Steering Committee of the International Federation for Public History. Since 2014, she has been coordinating pioneering master's studies in Poland in the field of public history. Laureate of the Oskar Halecki Award from the Polish American Historical Association. Awarded the Mieczysław Haiman Medal for lasting contribution to research on Polish Americans.

All Sessions by Prof. dr hab. Joanna Wojdon

Day 1 November 14, 2023
5:15 pm

Keynote: Public History

Day 2 November 15, 2023
Day 3 November 16, 2023
Dzień 3 November 16, 2023
Dzień 2 November 15, 2023